My SneakPeek Experience (Part I)

I’m going to take a leap and say I’m not, by a long shot, in the minority of Expecting Women (TM) in that I would like to know the baby’s gender as soon as possible.  This is partly for practical reasons, but largely because I have my own hopes and expectations and I’d like to just set myself up accordingly.

I’ll be doing a separate post on various old wives’ tales and what they’ve predicted as far as gender is concerned, but for today I want to talk about SneakPeek., which is an early-prediction blood test that claims to be able to detect male chromosomes in your blood (indicative of having a boy) as early as 9 weeks from your LMP.  Sounds pretty neat, probably too good to be true, but I figured “what the hey” and ordered my kit a few weeks back.

The Deal: SneakPeek offers two kit options: the basic $79 kit, and the $149 “SneakPeek FastTrack”…which is essentially you paying a premium for overnight shipping to and from the SneakPeak facility.  Your kit will include 3 lancets, 3 alcohol pads, 3 bandaids, a “tourniquet”, a vial for blood collection, and your packaging/return materials.  Essentially you wash up and wipe down the area you’re going to be testing in order to get rid of any contaminating “boy cooties”, really, and then prick your finger to fill up the vial to the line marked on the outside.

Since I don’t have a lot of faith in this anyway and didn’t want to spring for the shipping, I got the $79 kit and waited patiently.  The kit arrived last week and I just got back from dropping it off in a mailbox – I’m about 10 weeks based on my LMP but baby is measuring a week behind my estimate, so I waited until today (9 weeks based on baby size) to test just to be safe.

The Test: I will say this, the instructions were clear and seemed pretty hard to mess up.  I did all my prep, drank a bunch of water, cleaned up where I was going to be testing and was all set to go.

Everything was straight downhill from there.

I like to think I’m a good bleeder – I donate blood frequently and am usually done before anyone else who started at the same time.  I have good veins and good bloodflow.  But filling up the test tube they provided to the line they marked was actually 100% impossible.  I’ve sent back about half as much blood as they wanted and they’re just going to have to deal with that, because short of cutting open an actual vein, there was no way I was filling that tube from a fingerprick.  I’ve been doing a bit of research on this – apparently older versions of the test required far less blood, and even the amount they collected then was actually “too much” or at the very least more than they needed to do what they claimed.  So why have they upped the amount, and so drastically…?

But I digress.  Save for the mess (I wound up getting blood in places I didn’t even remember having touched while doing this) and the fact that their blood quantities are impossible, I suppose it was an easy enough test.

I’ve heard mixed things about the results – anecdotal internet evidence would probably put their accuracy rating closer to 50/50, rather than the 99% that they claim.  I don’t know that I’ll be disappointed if I don’t get the result I want on this test, knowing how frequently they’ve been wrong.  But I suppose we’ll see!  I have 5-7 business days to wait until the test arrives at SneakPeek, and then another 24 hours (provided they don’t immediately reject my sample for being too small!!).