Hello!  I’m E, and this is where I blog about things – things that happen in my life, projects we’re working on, stuff I just generally like and want to tell the internet about.

Here’s some fast facts about me, I suppose:

  • I’m 26, live in the Northeast US, and have been married to my lovely husband since 2014
  • I have two stepsons via my husband’s first marriage; the eldest is nearly 12 and the youngest just about 10
  • Our fur family includes two cats, a turtle (not…technically fur? whatever), and a derpy GSD mix pooch
  • I like to craft, though I rarely have (or tbqh, make) time for it
  • My house is also just about never clean, and I have not been able to come to terms with that.  I’m also working on it.
  • Husband and I are expecting kid #3 (for him; #1 for me) late December/early January of next year
  • My name does not really start with “E”, nor am I actually a cartoon character; sorry, I just really like the movie UP and kind of went with it for the blog theme here

I hope you feel wiser now.

Anyway, I’m starting this blog to just talk about stuff I usually don’t have an outlet for – most notably right now that’ll be my pregnancy, since I’m still early days and haven’t told much of anyone yet.

Sometimes I swear, and I do apologize for that in advance if you’re sensitive to that sort of thing.

Anyway – I hope you enjoy my rambling.

xx E